Hi, I am Bernard Lee

Computer Engineer & Electrical Engineer

Computer Engineering

BS. Electrical Engineering

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What I do

Embedded System

From 8-bit microcontroller doing beat detection to microprocessor running Linux. My knowledge in electronics and 2 years of industry experience taught me that part choices is as important as the traces that I draw or software that I create.

Software Engineering

I am a JIT-learner when it comes to using software framework to my advantage. I have developed GUI software for Cisco Systems to Ventilator Control Software. Low-level kernel software to various web frameworks.


I have been on video shoots for my university's cultural diversity committee to help promote culture diversity. I own a Canon camera and various stabilizing equipment, from Steadicams to motorized gimbals.

I am still working on the navigations. Click on the title to get into these sections to see my projects!

Who I am

Engineer from Lincoln, NE

My field of interest is in medical device & autonomous vehicle.

My familiarity with fundamentals of electronics allowed me to design complex electronics, while having 2 years of real-life experiences to challenge the concepts I learn.

In the software domain, I build various software for proprietary hardware. Ranging from driver software on microcontrollers, to custom-built Linux and Kernel Modules.

My philosophy as an engineer is simple - To always give back to the engineering community. Hence, all my personal projects are all completely open source.

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My work

Here's my work history

Virtual Incision Cooperation

Present since Feb 2020

Smart Material & Research Lab

Present since Jan 2020

Cisco System Inc.

June 2019 to August 2019

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jan 2018 to December 2019